Main place in the making of plastic parts and high-pressure die casting parts takes toolings – plastic injection molds and die casting tools

SOLTOFORM offers all engineering activities on tooling – from design to production process provision of the plastic moulds and die casting tools. Each task is provided within agreed with the client deadlines and schedules. Experience allows us to manage the cost of the tools by changing the design and technological parameters. We can offer a solution that will be most effective for you. Our goal is to achieve the best possible quality to meet your needs.


Design and Engineering of Plastic Molds and Die Casting Tools

SOLTOFORM offers complete mold design for plastic and die casting parts and detail, tooling feasibility studies, development, part design, and solid modeling, fixtures design, and blow molding tool design.
We also have the capability to design EDM electrodes and develop CNC programs.

♦ Injection MoldsPlastic_injection_mold

In this area we can provide a wide variety of designs of tools, from simple to complex injection molds:

  • with several parting lines
  • complex sliders
  • with high demands on the quality of the plastic part
  • with requirements for increased life
  •  low-cost molds for limited series
  •  prototype molds
  • molds for overmold technology (with several components of various tools)


♦ Compression Molds

For thermoplastics and for thermoset plastics.

♦ Rubber Molds

Molds of the varying complexity of seals, pads, flexible connections and other.

♦ Blow Molds

Molds for plastic parts such as double-walled cases, tanks, toys and other


♦ High-Pressure Die Casting ToolsHigh pressure die casting

SOLTOFORM company has a large experience in designing high-pressure die casting tools with most diverse complexity:

  • multi-daylight molds
  • complex sliders
  • with thin walls
  • multi-cavity for optimum loading the machine
  • for metal parts with increased demands on the quality of the casting
  • tools for automatic casting

We design die casting tools for magnesium, aluminum and zinc parts.


♦ Fixtures

Fixtures of various types. We maintain the ability to design all facilities necessary for the production of plastic parts and those produced by high pressure castings – devices for machining, inspection and others.


Development and Technology

An important part of the production of tooling is the preparation of technological documentation. It must comply with the existing production capabilities of the tool shop and construction of the instrument. Our specialists can offer appropriate and timely solutions in technology for making tooling.

♦ CNC Programs

We can provide CNC programs for 3-axis milling machines. Format FANUC and HEIDENHAIN

♦ EDM Electrodes

In developing tools that require large amounts of EDM Electrodes, serious problems arise both from an organizational nature, so a lack of capacity of the engineering staff. This is related to the design of the electrodes (3D and 2D). An important point that is often overlooked is the clear identification of the electrodes (when many similar in shape and size). We pay attention to that and provide both in 3D design and documentation in 2D. For you it is important that the EDM Electrodes may be possible to produce in your tool shop. We can provide you with the necessary technical documentation for manufacturing and CNC programs. In terms of EDM Process it is important to create optimal working order of the electrodes. It also requires schemes, to identify the position of the EDM Electrodes during operation. Our company has extensive experience with such tasks (tools with more than 300 electrodes of varying complexity).